TTM Technologies Suffers Data Breach: Key Actions for Affected Users

What You Need to Know

Over 7,000 individuals had their sensitive personal identifiable information and personal health information potentially compromised in a data breach at TTM Technologies, with an unauthorized actor accessing the data around September 26, 2023.

  • Company Name: TTM Technologies, Inc.
  • Date Filed: Unspecified
  • Number of People Affected: Over 7,000 individuals
  • Data Breached: Names, financial account information (e.g., bank account number), health related information

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Number of Individuals Impacted

The data breach at TTM Technologies, Inc. affected over 7,000 individuals. These individuals had their sensitive information potentially compromised.

Types of Data Exposed

The types of information exposed in the breach include names, financial account information such as bank account numbers, and health-related information. The data accessed may have contained both personal identifiable information and protected health information.

TTM Technologies Data Breach Details

Discovery of the Breach

On October 4, 2023, TTM Technologies, Inc. became aware that its security systems had been compromised by an unauthorized actor. At this time, TTM initiated an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident.

Timeline of the Incident

The initial breach was determined to have occurred on or around September 26, 2023. This suggests that the intruder potentially had access to TTM‘s systems for several days before the breach was discovered.

Information Potentially Exposed

The company’s investigation confirmed that sensitive personal identifiable information and personal health information were among the data types that may have been accessed without authorization. The exact details of the information that was potentially exposed include names, financial account numbers, and health-related information.

Notification to Affected Individuals

TTM began the process of notifying the individuals potentially impacted by the breach on December 19, 2023. The notifications provided to these individuals aimed to alert them to the breach and the type of personal information that was potentially compromised.

Steps Advised for Affected Individuals

To assist those who received a breach notification, TTM has advised a series of proactive measures to protect their personal information from misuse. These steps include enrolling in free credit monitoring services provided by TTM, changing passwords and security questions, reviewing account statements, monitoring credit reports for identity theft, and placing a temporary fraud alert with credit bureaus.

Impact Scope

The data breach experienced by TTM Technologies affected over 7,000 individuals. These individuals’ sensitive information was exposed due to unauthorized access to TTM‘s systems.

TTM Technologies Background

TTM Technologies is a global manufacturing company active in different markets such as aerospace, automotive, and medical devices, among others. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Santa Ana, California, TTM employs more than 17,000 people worldwide.

Current Actions

As of the date the information was reported, TTM Technologies had not only notified affected individuals but had also taken unspecified measures to secure its systems against future breaches. The investigation into the data breach was ongoing, with no further details made available as of the last update.

Understanding TTM Technologies, Inc.

TTM Technologies, Inc. (TTM) is recognized as a major player in the global manufacturing landscape, well-known for delivering technological solutions. Established in 1998, TTM has carved a niche for itself by specializing in various high-tech components and assemblies.

Customer Base

TTM s clientele is as diverse as the range of products it brings to market. Among its customers are companies operating in the aerospace and defense sector, where the requirement for cutting-edge technology is paramount. In addition to supporting national defense, TTM also supplies to industries that are central to everyday life and technological advancement.

Tech Solutions for Diverse Markets

Industries such as automotive, computing, and medical look to TTM for reliable and advanced printed circuit boards and other crucial components. This includes radio frequency (RF) components and RF microwave/microelectronic assemblies that are integral to the functioning of various electronic systems within these sectors.

Quick-Turn and Advanced Manufacturing

Within the realm of circuit board products, TTM is known for its quick-turn and advanced manufacturing capabilities. For companies that need high-quality circuit boards on a tight schedule, TTM provides rapid solutions without compromising on performance or reliability.

Service in Industrial and Instrumentation

It’s not just cutting-edge sectors that benefit from TTM‘s expertise; customers in industrial and instrumentation rely on TTM for components that form the backbone of their operations. TTM‘s products enable a range of applications, from factory automation to precision measuring devices.

Networking and Communication Support

As the world grows increasingly connected, the networking and communication sector becomes more critical. TTM supports this realm with products that are fundamental to the infrastructure facilitating global communications and data exchange.

Global Reach and Workforce

TTM operates on an international scale, with a presence in the US, Europe, and Asia. Their global operations are held together by a workforce that exceeds 17,000 individuals, highlighting TTM‘s substantial role in employment and tech manufacturing across different regions.

Mission Systems

The company s commitment to supporting mission-critical systems is apparent through its extensive work with aerospace and defense customers. These systems often require the highest standards of reliability and performance, a demand that TTM aims to fulfill with its specialized technological solutions.