INTEGRIS Health Suffers Data Breach: Essential Details Unveiled

What You Need to Know

INTEGRIS Health, a not-for-profit healthcare system in Oklahoma, experienced a data breach where sensitive personal identifiable information may have been accessed on November 28, 2023.

  • Company Name: INTEGRIS Health
  • Date Filed: November 28, 2023
  • Number of People Affected: Unknown
  • Data Breached: Unspecified

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Affected Customers

The number of individuals affected by the INTEGRIS Health data breach has not been determined. Current or former patients of INTEGRIS Health are the ones likely impacted by this incident.

Compromised Information

During the INTEGRIS Health data breach, sensitive personal identifiable information was potentially exposed. The specific type of information accessed has not yet been disclosed.

INTEGRIS Health Data Breach Details

Discovery of the Breach

INTEGRIS Health, a healthcare system operating in Oklahoma, encountered a data breach in which sensitive personal identifiable information was potentially accessed by an unauthorized party. The breach was discovered by INTEGRIS Health as a consequence of their internal security protocols.

Timeline of Events

The incident involving unauthorized data access occurred on November 28, 2023. It was a significant event considering the vast amount of personal information managed by the healthcare provider.

Response to the Data Breach

Following the discovery of the data breach, INTEGRIS Health acted to investigate and ascertain the scope of the incident. They further issued a notice on December 24, 2023, concerning the “Notice of a Data Privacy Incident,” where they advised patients to be wary of communications from any unauthorized sources.

Information Potentially Compromised

The specific types of personal identifiable information that were vulnerable due to the breach include patient names. The extent of the information breach and the total number of affected individuals were not disclosed.

Public Notice

INTEGRIS Health’s approach to addressing the breach included informing affected patients and the public through their website. They encouraged those associated with their services to remain vigilant against any suspicious activities.

Suggested Protective Actions

Patients of INTEGRIS Health were recommended to change passwords and security questions for their online accounts, regularly review statements for any irregularities, monitor their credit reports for indicators of identity theft, and contact credit bureaus to place a temporary fraud alert to protect their personal information.

Breach Notification

INTEGRIS Health fulfilled their obligation to notify individuals potentially affected by the breach by providing guidelines on how to shield their sensitive information from misuse. The communication aimed to mitigate the impact of the breach on their patients’ data security.


The data breach at INTEGRIS Health has highlighted the critical need for robust security measures to protect personal identifiable information, especially in the healthcare industry. Affected patients were advised to take appropriate steps to secure their data and monitor their accounts for any possible identity theft or fraud.

About INTEGRIS Health

Overview of INTEGRIS Health

INTEGRIS Health is a large, non-profit healthcare system that services the state of Oklahoma. As a comprehensive healthcare provider, it offers a variety of care options to address the diverse medical needs of the community.

Services Provided

The organization provides medical care across a wide spectrum of services. These include primary care, specialized treatments such as cancer care, and services targeted at women s health, heart, and vascular wellness.

Facilities and Reach

INTEGRIS Health operates an extensive network of facilities. This includes full-service hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physician clinics, mental health facilities, fitness centers, independent living communities, and home health services, catering to a broad patient base within Oklahoma.

INTEGRIS Health s Customer Base

The customer base of INTEGRIS Health comprises individuals and families residing in the state of Oklahoma. They utilize the healthcare system for routine check-ups, specialized medical procedures, emergency services, and ongoing treatments for chronic conditions.

Healthcare Access for Oklahomans

As Oklahoma s largest healthcare system, INTEGRIS Health plays a crucial role in providing accessible healthcare to residents of the state. With numerous facilities spread throughout the state, it ensures that quality healthcare is within reach for many Oklahomans.

Employment and Economic Impact

INTEGRIS Health is also one of the largest private employers in Oklahoma. This signifies its substantial socio-economic impact in the region, both in terms of employment and the services provided to the state s residents.

Commitment to Wellness

In addition to treating illnesses, INTEGRIS Health is involved in promoting overall wellness. This is evident in its operation of fitness centers and programs aimed at encouraging healthier lifestyles among the population it serves.

Technology and Healthcare

Integrating modern technology into healthcare delivery, INTEGRIS Health provides advanced medical treatments and facilities. This is indicative of their commitment to providing cutting-edge care to enhance patient outcomes.

Patient Information and Data Privacy

INTEGRIS Health emphasizes the privacy and security of patient information. As a healthcare provider, it manages a significant amount of sensitive personal health data essential for patient care while also bound by regulations to protect that information.

Response to Data Privacy Incident

INTEGRIS Health recently addressed a data breach that affected its systems, showing its vigilance in managing data security incidents. The organization took steps to inform and advise patients on protective measures and has been actively investigating the breach.