Yakima Valley Radiology Breach: 235K Patients’ Data Exposed

What You Need to Know

Did You Receive A Yakima Valley Radiology Notice Letter?

Yakima Valley Radiology
Did you receive notice from Yakima Valley Radiology that your information was breached?
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Yakima Valley Radiology reported a data breach affecting 235,249 individuals after an unauthorized party accessed an employee’s email account, compromising personal and health information, including Social Security numbers.

  • Company Name: Yakima Valley RadiologyPC
  • Date Filed: March 1, 2024
  • Number of People Affected: 235,249
  • Data Breached: Personal and health information, including Social Security numbers

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Number of Customers Affected

Yakima Valley RadiologyPC has notified 235,249 individuals of a data breach concerning their personal information. These individuals are being informed through data breach notification letters.

Types of Data Compromised

The breach resulted in unauthorized access to an array of sensitive customer information. This includes both personal and health information, such as Social Security numbers, although specific details about the data may vary by individual.

Overview of Yakima Valley Radiology Data Breach

Initial Discovery

On August 18, 2023, Yakima Valley Radiology first discovered a security incident within their computer network. The organization promptly took measures to secure their systems against the unauthorized access.

Investigation and Findings

After the initial discovery, Yakima Valley Radiology engaged cybersecurity experts to delve into the breach. Their investigation unveiled that an unauthorized actor had gained entry to an employee’s email account, gaining potential access to patient information.

Type of Data Compromised

The hacker accessed personal and health information contained within the compromised email account. The specific data leaked may include sensitive details such as patients’ Social Security numbers.

Notification of Affected Individuals

Yakima Valley Radiology finalized their review of the incident, identifying the scope and nature of the exposed data. Consequently, they dispatched data breach notification letters on March 1, 2024, to the impacted individuals.

Number of Individuals Affected

The reported number of consumers affected by the data breach is established at 235,249. Each affected party received detailed information regarding the type of their compromised data.

Regulatory Compliance

In compliance with legal requirements, Yakima Valley Radiology filed a notice of the data breach with the Attorney General of Maine. This report was submitted simultaneously with the dissemination of the notification letters to the affected consumers.

About Yakima Valley RadiologyPC


Yakima Valley RadiologyPC is a healthcare provider specializing in diagnostic imaging and radiology services. Based in Yakima, Washington, this medical group serves patients within the region, providing critical radiology and imaging expertise.

Customer Base

The primary customer base of Yakima Valley Radiology includes patients who require imaging services for diagnostic purposes. This can range from general practitioners referring patients for x-rays to specialists needing more complex imaging like MRIs or CT scans.

Services Provided

Yakima Valley Radiology offers a comprehensive array of radiological services. These services are essential for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, injuries, and diseases.

Utilization of Services

Patients typically use the company’s services upon referral from healthcare providers for diagnostic imaging. Such services are crucial for detecting and monitoring various health issues, from broken bones to more serious conditions like cancer.

Company’s Role in Healthcare

As a radiologist physician group, Yakima Valley Radiology plays an integral role in the healthcare system. Radiologists at the facility interpret imaging results and collaborate with other medical professionals to contribute to patient treatment plans.

Locations of Operation

Operating out of several facilities, including Multicare Yakima Memorial Hospital, Multicare Yakima Memorial Valley Imaging, and Toppenish Community Hospital, the group provides accessible imaging services to a broad population in the area.

Professional Staff

The group is staffed by over 25 professionals, ensuring that they have the capacity to handle the radiology needs of their patient population. Their expertise covers various sub-specialties within radiology.

Financial Footprint

With an annual revenue of approximately $5 million, Yakima Valley Radiology is a significant contributor to the local healthcare economy. Their financial operations reflect the volume and array of services they provide to the community.

Importance of Imaging in Healthcare

Imaging is a vital part of medical diagnostics, and facilities like Yakima Valley Radiology are essential for delivering timely and accurate information to healthcare providers. Through their imaging services, they assist in guiding treatment decisions and patient care plans.

Security Measures

While not directly related to their healthcare services, Yakima Valley Radiology has shown an awareness of the importance of patient data security by responding to the recent breach with investigations and notifications. Ensuring patient data is secure aligns with the overall mission of providing top-notch healthcare services.