American Vision Partners Hit by Breach: 2.3M Patients Affected

What You Need to Know

American Vision Partners experienced a cyberattack that resulted in unauthorized access to the personal and medical information of 2.3 million eyecare patients, including names, Social Security numbers, and insurance details.

  • Company Name: American Vision Partners (Medical Management Resource Group, L.L.C.)
  • Date Filed: February 6, 2024
  • Number of People Affected: 2.3 million
  • Data Breached: Names, Social Security numbers, contact information, dates of birth, certain medical information, and insurance information.

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Affected Customers

American Vision Partners has announced a data breach affecting approximately 2.3 million eyecare patients. Patients received data breach notification letters informing them of the incident.

Breached Data

Sensitive information accessed during the cyberattack includes names, Social Security numbers, contact details, dates of birth, medical information, and insurance information. The specific data compromised varies by individual.

Overview of the American Vision Partners Data Breach

Initial Discovery and Response

On November 14, 2023, American Vision Partners detected suspicious activity within their computer network. The company responded by isolating the compromised systems to secure the network and began a thorough investigation to understand the extent of the breach.

Investigation Findings

The investigation discovered that on November 13, 2023, an unauthorized party had gained access to certain parts of American Vision Partners IT network. This access included files containing sensitive patient information.

Compromised Information

During the review of the affected files, it was determined that the information accessed by the unauthorized party could include patients’ names, Social Security numbers, contact details, dates of birth, medical information, and insurance data. The specific information leaked varied by individual.

Notification of Affected Parties

After confirming sensitive data had been compromised, Medical Management Resource Group, L.L.C., doing business as American Vision Partners, proceeded to inform those impacted by the incident. On February 6, 2024, the company sent out notification letters to the affected individuals.

Notification Content

The letters that were sent to victims contained information about the type of data that had been compromised concerning them. This was to ensure that the individuals are aware of the exact nature of their personal information that was involved in the breach.

Breach Announcement

Following these events, a notice of the data breach was filed on February 6, 2024, with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. American Vision Partners outlined the circumstances of the cyberattack and the consequent unauthorized access to consumer information.

Company Background

American Vision Partners functions as a management group for various ophthalmology practices across the United States. The company, headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, was established in 2017 and employs over 1,673 people, generating roughly $413 million in annual revenue.

Continuing Developments

American Vision Partners has stated that more details regarding the data breach will be made available as further information comes to light. They have posted notices on their website to keep stakeholders informed about the incident and any new developments.

Overview of Medical Management Resource Group, L.L.C.

Company Background

Medical Management Resource Group, L.L.C., operating as American Vision Partners, was established in 2017. The company is in the healthcare sector, providing eye-care physician practice management services to its client practices.

Services Offered

American Vision Partners offers a variety of services aimed at supporting ophthalmology groups. Their offerings include administrative support, IT services, and strategic guidance, all intended to streamline operations for eye care providers.

Size and Reach

Based out of Tempe, Arizona, the company has grown steadily since its inception. American Vision Partners boasts a sizeable workforce, with more than 1,673 employees contributing to its operations.

Annual Revenue

The organization has established a strong financial footing, with its annual revenue reported to be around $413 million. This financial success indicates a significant market presence and operational scale within the eye-care sector.

Customer Base

American Vision Partners’ customer base is primarily made up of ophthalmology groups within the United States. These groups utilize the management services provided by American Vision Partners to improve patient care and operational efficiency.

Service Utilization

The eye-care groups that use American Vision Partners’ services do so to enhance various aspects of their practices. They rely on the company for help in areas such as human resources, financial management, and regulatory compliance.

Role in Patient Care

Although American Vision Partners is not directly involved in patient care, their role is critical in ensuring that the ophthalmology groups they manage can focus on delivering quality eye care. This indirect contribution to patient health is a cornerstone of their service offering.

Expansion and Influence

Since 2017, American Vision Partners has expanded its influence, catering to a growing number of eye care providers across the country. Their services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each practice, providing a customizable approach to management.

Data Management

A key component of the services provided by American Vision Partners involves managing sensitive patient data. This includes personal information, medical records, and insurance details, all of which require stringent security measures to protect patient privacy.