Kimco Staffing Data Breach Exposed: Key Facts and Protective Measures

What You Need to Know

Kimco Staffing Services, Inc. experienced a data breach affecting over 69,000 individuals, with sensitive personal identifiable information potentially being accessed and acquired by an unauthorized actor around June 24, 2023.

  • Company Name: Kimco Staffing Services, Inc.
  • Date Filed: June 24, 2023
  • Number of People Affected: Over 69,000 individuals
  • Data Breached: Unspecified

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Number of Individuals Affected

The data breach at Kimco Staffing Services, Inc. impacted sensitive personal identifiable information belonging to over 69,000 individuals.

Type of Data Exposed

The compromised data includes sensitive elements of personal identifiable information; however, the specific types of information exposed were not detailed in the provided content.

Kimco Staffing Services Data Breach Timeline

Discovery of the Breach

Kimco Staffing Services, Inc., a staffing and recruitment solutions provider, uncovered a security incident indicating that their system was compromised. Through an investigation, it was established that an unauthorized party may have accessed and possibly acquired sensitive personal identifiable information from their systems.

Unauthorized Access

The data breach incident was pinpointed to have likely occurred on June 24, 2023. This was the date identified by Kimco as the moment when the suspicious activity that led to the data breach happened.

Notification of Affected Individuals

The company initiated the process of notifying the affected individuals several months later. On December 19, 2023, Kimco began the process of informing those whose data may have suffered exposure due to the breach.

Type of Information Compromised

During the breach, a variety of personal identifiable information was put at risk. However, the detailed types of compromised information have not been disclosed in the available summary content.

Recommendations for Affected Individuals

Kimco Staffing Services provided guidance for individuals who received breach notification letters. They suggested a number of measures that could be taken to safeguard information, such as reviewing the breach notice, enrolling in any offered credit monitoring services, changing passwords for online accounts, monitoring account statements and credit reports for unusual activity, and considering placing a fraud alert with credit bureaus.

Steps After Identification of the Breach

As part of standard post-breach protocol, Kimco Staffing Services encouraged individuals impacted by the data breach to be vigilant by keeping an eye on account statements and credit reports. Additionally, they advised changing passwords and security questions for online accounts to prevent further unauthorized access.

Prevention and Credit Monitoring

Kimco Staffing Services offered free credit monitoring services to those impacted by the data breach, recognizing the risks of identity theft. Engaging in these services was recommended to help affected individuals to quickly identify any fraudulent activity on their credit files.

Fraud Alerts

In its communication with affected parties, Kimco also advised on the potential benefit of contacting credit bureaus to place a temporary fraud alert. This alert can make it harder for identity thieves to open more accounts in the name of the affected individuals.

About Kimco Staffing Services, Inc.

Company Background

Kimco Staffing Services, Inc. is a staffing firm with its headquarters located in Irvine, California. Since its inception in 1986, Kimco has been dedicated to bridging the gap between job seekers and employers, providing an array of employment opportunities to a diverse clientele.

Services Offered

The company offers staffing solutions that range from temporary assignments to direct hire placements. Kimco’s services cater to both individuals seeking employment and businesses in need of staffing support for various positions.

Industry Focus

Kimco specializes in recruiting for a number of fields. Their areas of focus include office personnel, accounting, technical support, and call center operations. They also provide staffing for industrial roles and on-site managing positions, highlighting their versatility in employment services.

Geographic Reach

With a network of fifteen offices, Kimco has established its presence across California, Nevada, and Arizona. This regional footprint allows the company to tap into different job markets and cater to a wide geographic customer base.

Employment Solutions

Kimco’s approach to staffing includes both traditional in-person services as well as virtual recruitment options. This dual method ensures they can meet the needs of companies and candidates in a rapidly evolving job market.

Client Base

The company’s client base consists of a mix of large corporations, small to medium enterprises, and job seekers. Companies use Kimco’s services to fill gaps in their workforce, while candidates rely on Kimco to find suitable job opportunities that match their skills and career goals.

Employer-Candidate Matchmaking

Kimco prides itself on its ability to match the right candidate to the right job. Through a robust vetting process, they work towards ensuring that the qualifications and desires of job seekers align with the needs and expectations of employers.

Impact of the Data Breach

The recent data breach at Kimco Staffing Services, Inc. highlights the risks that companies face in protecting personal identifiable information. Although the event is unrelated to the daily operations of providing staffing solutions, it underscores the importance of cybersecurity measures in the modern corporate landscape.

Response to Data Breach

In response to the breach, Kimco initiated a notification process to inform those potentially affected. This step reflects the company’s commitment to addressing issues and implementing measures to protect their customers’ information.