Recology Inc. Data Breach: Personal and Medical Info Exposed

What You Need to Know

Recology Inc. experienced a data breach on November 2, 2023, resulting in unauthorized access to sensitive personal identifiable information and protected health information, including names, government-issued ID numbers, and medical information.

  • Company Name: Recology, Inc.
  • Date Filed: Unspecified
  • Number of People Affected: Unknown
  • Data Breached:
    • Name
    • Passport or other government-issued ID number
    • Medical information

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Affected Customers

The specific number of individuals affected by the Recology data breach has not been determined. Affected individuals are those whose sensitive personal identifiable information and protected health information may have been accessed.

Compromised Data

The breach potentially exposed sensitive personal information, including names, passport numbers or other government-issued ID numbers, and medical information. The unauthorized access to this data occurred on November 2, 2023, and was discovered by Recology on November 9, 2023.

Recology Inc. Data Breach Summary

Discovery of the Data Breach

On November 9, 2023, Recology Inc. detected a data breach within its systems. This discovery indicated that unauthorized access had potentially occurred, compromising the security of sensitive personal and health-related information held by the company.

Initial Incident and Information Compromised

Recology’s investigation revealed that the breach incident took place on November 2, 2023, suggesting a lapse in security for approximately a week before it was identified. The compromised information due to this breach includes personal identifiable information as well as protected health information of an indeterminate number of individuals.

Types of Information Exposed

During the breach event, specific types of personal information were potentially accessed by unauthorized individuals. The exposed data consisted of individuals’ names, numbers of passports or other government-issued identification, and medical information.

Notification of Affected Individuals

After determining the extent of the data breach, Recology commenced the process of informing individuals whose information may have been affected. These individuals are technically considered potential victims of the data breach because their personal data could have been obtained by the unauthorized actor.

Measures for Affected Individuals

Recology Inc. is advising affected individuals to take certain precautionary steps. They are encouraged to review their breach notification letters carefully and preserve them for records. Additionally, if credit monitoring services are made available by Recology, individuals should consider enrolling in these for enhanced security.

Additional Recommended Actions

To further safeguard their personal information, affected individuals should change their online account passwords and security questions. Regularly reviewing account statements and credit reports can also help in detecting any fraudulent or unauthorized activity early. Moreover, placing a temporary fraud alert with credit bureaus is advised to inform potential creditors of the risk of identity theft.


In conclusion, an unauthorized access to data was confirmed by Recology Inc. with the breach occurring on November 2, 2023, and identified on November 9, 2023. Names, government-issued ID numbers, and medical information of individuals were possible targets of the breach. Recology has begun notifying potential victims and is recommending steps to protect against identity theft and further fraud.

About Recology, Inc.

Recology, Inc. is an environmental services company renowned for its comprehensive waste management and recycling operations. Founded over a century ago in 1920, it has developed into a notable entity committed to fostering sustainable practices for waste disposal and recycling processes.

Customer Base

Recology serves an extensive customer base, delivering its services to more than 2.5 million individuals. It addresses the needs of a diverse clientele comprised of residential, commercial, and municipal customers looking for environmentally responsible waste management solutions.

Services Provided

Primarily active on the West Coast, Recology offers a suite of services that encompass the collection, processing, and recycling of organics, solid waste, and other recyclables. Customers rely on the company to handle their waste responsibly and to contribute to a lower carbon footprint through advanced recycling techniques.

Recycling and Waste Collection

At the core of Recology’s operations is its residential and commercial recycling service. This includes curbside collection, allowing for the convenient and efficient recycling of materials. Simultaneously, the company conducts ongoing education initiatives to promote better waste segregation and recycling habits among its customer base.

Organic Waste and Composting

Recognizing the importance of organic waste management, Recology operates large-scale composting facilities. Here, food and other organic waste items are transformed into compost, which is then available for purchase. This service not only reduces landfill usage but also creates a valuable product for agricultural and landscaping applications.

Material Recovery and Processing

Supporting recycling efforts, Recology also runs materials recovery facilities (MRFs). These plants are central to sorting and processing recyclable materials, ensuring that waste components are effectively separated and prepared for their next lifecycle.

Landfill Operations and Green Planning

Besides recycling and composting, Recology manages landfill operations where waste disposal is conducted following environmental safety standards. The company provides green planning services as well, aiding communities and businesses in developing waste reduction strategies and transitioning to more sustainable practices.

Commitment to Sustainability

The company’s dedication to sustainability is reflected in its continuous drive to innovate and improve waste collection and processing methods. By indicating a shift towards low-impact, environmentally friendly waste management, Recology plays a vital role in community efforts to combat pollution and promote recycling as a way of life.