CellNetix Data Breach Exposes Personal Information: Key Facts Revealed

What You Need to Know

On January 8, 2024, CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories sent out notifications regarding a data breach affecting consumers’ personal information, including Social Security numbers, drivers license numbers, and health insurance details, after an unauthorized party accessed parts of the companys computer network.

  • Company Name: CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories
  • Date Filed: January 8, 2024
  • Number of People Affected: Unknown
  • Data Breached: Names, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, state identification numbers, dates of birth, passport numbers, health insurance policy numbers, health insurance identification numbers

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Affected Customers

The specific number of individuals impacted by the CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories data breach was not detailed in the available information. Notification letters have been sent to all individuals whose information was affected by this security incident.

Types of Data Breached

Sensitive information accessed by an unauthorized party included names, Social Security numbers, drivers license numbers, state identification numbers, dates of birth, passport numbers, and health insurance policy or identification numbers. The scope of the data compromised varies by individual.

CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories Data Breach Summary

Initial Discovery and Response

On December 10, 2023, CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories detected suspicious activity within their computer network, raising concerns of an unauthorized access. Upon discovering this, the healthcare provider immediately took their network offline to prevent further unauthorized access.

Investigation and Findings

CellNetix then collaborated with third-party data security experts to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. This inquiry confirmed that an unauthorized party had indeed gained access to parts of their network. Subsequent reviews revealed that this access resulted in exposure to sensitive consumer data.

Types of Compromised Information

The unauthorized access to CellNetix’s network led to the potential compromise of various personal information. Depending on the individual, the exposed data could include names, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, state identification numbers, birth dates, passport numbers, and health insurance details.

Notification and Consumer Impact

By January 8, 2024, after fully understanding the scope of the data breach, CellNetix took action to inform the affected individuals. Data breach notification letters were sent out to the consumers whose information was potentially compromised, detailing the specifics of what information was involved.

Preventative Measures and Recommendations

Recipients of these notifications were advised on the importance of understanding what information was at risk and given suggestions on how to protect themselves from fraud or identity theft. The letters also contained guidance on legal options that the victims could consider.

Summary of the Data Breach Events

In summary, CellNetix experienced a data breach initiated on December 10, 2023, when an unauthorized entity accessed their network. An investigation followed, confirming the data compromise. By January 8, 2024, affected consumers were notified of the breach and the specifics of the information potentially accessed, along with recommendations for protecting themselves.

About CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories

Introduction to CellNetix

CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories is an established presence in the medical community of the Pacific Northwest. The company operates within the healthcare sector, focusing mainly on anatomic pathology services.

Services Offered

The scope of services at CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories is wide-ranging. They specialize in various pathology subfields such as molecular pathology, pediatric pathology, and cytopathology, among others.

Targeted Customer Base

CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories primarily serves hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Its clientele relies on the company for diagnostic services that inform treatment decisions.

Anatomic Pathology Expertise

Anatomic pathology, CellNetix’s core specialty, is crucial for the correct diagnosis of diseases. Its services involve examining tissue samples and helping healthcare providers understand the nature of a patients condition.

Molecular Pathology Services

The molecular pathology services provided by CellNetix help in the detection of specific genetic sequences and biomarkers. These services are vital for personalized medicine and targeted treatments.

Pediatric Pathology Services

In pediatric pathology, CellNetix assists in diagnosing diseases affecting children. Their expertise helps to tailor healthcare approaches to the unique needs of younger patients.

Cytopathology Services

Cytopathology services offered by CellNetix focus on examining cells from various body sites to detect cancer and other diseases. This aids in early detection and management of potentially serious conditions.

Liver Pathology Specialization

The company also has a strong emphasis on liver pathology. Its experts assess liver biopsies to diagnose and provide insights into liver diseases, which can be critical for patients with hepatological issues.

Economic Footprint

CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories is not just a key player in healthcare, but it also contributes significantly to the local economy. The company employs over 254 people and has a notable annual revenue stream.

Role in Healthcare

The services provided by CellNetix play an integral role in the healthcare delivery system. Medical professionals depend on the company’s pathology services to offer precise and effective care to patients across the region.


CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories represents a crucial link in the chain of modern healthcare. With its range of specialized pathology services, it supports healthcare providers by offering the diagnostic clarity required for optimal patient outcomes.