Breaching Patient Data: OrthoAlaska’s Response to a Recent Security Incident

OrthoAlaska, a well-known healthcare practice with various locations in Alaska, recently faced a data security issue that raised concerns about patient data. In this article, we’ll delve into what happened, what OrthoAlaska did in response, and how they’re helping those who might have been affected.

Unauthorized Activity Detected

In October 2022, OrthoAlaska noticed some unusual activity within its computer systems. They acted quickly to secure their systems and brought in cybersecurity experts to investigate further.

Possible Patient Data Exposure

During the investigation, OrthoAlaska discovered that some patient information might have been accessed without permission. They’ve since worked hard to figure out the extent of the potential breach, identify those impacted, and provide support to those affected. This process was completed in September 2023.

Open and Transparent Communication

While OrthoAlaska hasn’t found any evidence of misuse, they are taking a proactive approach. On October 11, 2023, they began notifying patients who might have been affected. These notifications contain information about the incident and steps patients can take to protect their data.

Types of Affected Information

The information that may have been compromised varied from person to person and included first names or initials, last names, dates of birth, addresses, Social Security numbers, health insurance data, and medical records.

Enhanced Security Measures

OrthoAlaska places a high priority on data security and privacy. In response to this incident, they’ve beefed up their digital security to prevent similar incidents in the future. The well-being and trust of their patients are of utmost importance.

Support for Patients

OrthoAlaska understands that patients may have questions or concerns. To address these, they’ve set up a toll-free call center, available Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM Alaska Time. Patients and those potentially affected can reach out at 1-888-342-2852.

In a nutshell, OrthoAlaska, a trusted healthcare provider in Alaska, has taken swift and comprehensive action in response to a data security incident. While there’s no evidence of misuse, OrthoAlaska is committed to transparency, safeguarding patient information, and enhancing security measures. Patients and potentially impacted individuals can contact the call center for assistance and information, knowing that OrthoAlaska is dedicated to their well-being and data security.