Ongoing Operations Data Breach: Protect Your Personal Information

What You Need to Know

Ongoing Operations, a subsidiary of Trellance Cooperative Holdings, experienced a cyberattack on November 26, 2023, potentially exposing sensitive consumer information, which has impacted credit unions nationwide, and has sent out notification letters to affected individuals.

  • Company Name: Ongoing Operations
  • Date Filed: December 7, 2023
  • Number of People Affected: Unknown
  • What Data Was Breached: Unspecified

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Affected Customers

The Ongoing Operations data breach notification letters have been sent to individuals whose information was compromised. Unfortunately, the notice does not specify the number of customers affected by the breach.

Compromised Data

The exact details of what information was breached have not been fully disclosed. Data breach letters should provide recipients with a detailed list of the specific personal information that was compromised in the incident.

Summary of the Ongoing Operations Data Breach

Initial Discovery and Announcement

Ongoing Operations, under Trellance Cooperative Holdings, Inc., discovered its system was compromised during a cyberattack. This was disclosed in an announcement on their website dated December 7, 2023. The breach potentially led to unauthorized access to sensitive consumer information.

Notification to Affected Parties

After concluding part of their investigation, Ongoing Operations commenced the dispatch of notification letters to individuals with compromised information. The content of these letters aimed to inform affected individuals about the nature of the data compromised.

The Cyberattack

The cyberattack itself occurred on November 26, 2023. In response to this attack, Ongoing Operations took measures to secure its systems. Law enforcement was notified as the company sought the expertise of third-party data security specialists to investigate the incident further.

Investigation and Acknowledgment of Breach

While investigations continue, Ongoing Operations posted a notice on December 7, 2023, intimating that they were in the process of reviewing impacted data. This notice implied that a data breach occurred and that there was an effort to define the scope and ownership of the impacted data.

Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union Filing

Additional information surfaced from a filing by Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union (Mountain Valley CU). They reported that their data processing vendor, FedComp, Inc., informed them of a ransomware attack on its computer operating system named ‘Trellance’. This confirmed both the attack’s occurrence and its effects on credit unions.

Communication to Victims

In the aftermath of the attack, Ongoing Operations followed up by informing those affected through an official notice on their website. They assured that the sent data breach letters would list the specific information of each individual that was compromised.

About Ongoing Operations

For background, Ongoing Operations is a Hagerstown, Maryland-based company specializing in technology services for credit unions. At the time of the incident, the company had more than 31 employees and was responsible for generating an approximate revenue of $7 million annually.

This summation presents the sequence of events concerning the data breach at Ongoing Operations, noting the key dates and actions taken without the subjective appraisal of the company’s responses or the impact of the breach. Further details and updates are anticipated as the investigation progresses.

More Information About Ongoing Operations

Company Profile

Ongoing Operations is a business solutions provider, headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland. Established to cater to the needs of the financial sector, especially credit unions, the company offers a wide range of technology services.

Services Offered

Among the services Ongoing Operations provides are IT support, disaster recovery, and telecom services. These offerings are crucial for credit unions which require robust infrastructure and support for their operations.

Customer Base

The primary customers of Ongoing Operations are credit unions across the United States. With their reliance on smooth technological operations, credit unions turn to Ongoing Operations for both strategic solutions and routine operational support.

Importance of Technology Services

The technology services that Ongoing Operations delivers are used by credit unions to manage their daily activities, secure data, and ensure continuity of services. In an industry governed by trust and reliability, these services play a critical role.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of unforeseen disruptions, like natural disasters or cyberattacks, Ongoing Operations provides disaster recovery solutions. This helps credit unions in quickly restoring services and minimizing the impact on their members.

Telecom Services

The company’s telecom services help credit unions maintain essential communication channels. Whether it’s internal collaboration or member services, effective communication systems are necessary for their operation.

IT Services

The IT services provided by Ongoing Operations ensure that credit unions have the technical support needed for their infrastructure. From maintenance to upgrades, these services cover the technological backbone of the financial institutions they serve.

Employment and Financial Footprint

With more than 31 employees, Ongoing Operations has a significant presence in its niche market. The services they offer aid in the generation of approximately $7 million in revenue annually, highlighting the company’s scale and economic impact.


In summary, Ongoing Operations specializes in offering technology-based solutions primarily to the credit union sector. With services that range from IT assistance to disaster recovery and telecom services, they play a pivotal role in the operational efficiency and security of their clients’ businesses. Their targeted services and expertise have made them a critical player in the financial industry’s infrastructure management and support domain.