Data Security Incident: Bank of Canton’s Response to MOVEit Vulnerability

In an era of increasing reliance on digital technology, data security breaches have become an unfortunate reality. Recent events have once again highlighted the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive information, as Bank of Canton, a regional financial institution serving Massachusetts residents, found itself caught in the crosshairs of a data security matter. This incident, stemming from the MOVEit vulnerability, underscored the need for proactive measures to protect customer data and diligent responses in the event of a breach.

The MOVEit Vulnerability

The tale begins in late May 2023 when Progress Software, the developer of MOVEit Managed File Transfer, discovered a critical vulnerability in their application. MOVEit, a widely utilized software for secure file and data transfer among businesses, serves as a backbone for countless companies in the financial industry and beyond. Unfortunately, this vulnerability left many businesses exposed to potential breaches, including one of Bank of Canton’s service providers, a publicly traded company catering to thousands of financial industry businesses.

Bank of Canton’s Response

Upon learning of the MOVEit vulnerability, Bank of Canton immediately sprang into action. By early August 2023, the bank’s service provider conveyed the unsettling news that data stored on behalf of Bank of Canton might have been accessed due to the vulnerability. In response, the bank launched an in-depth investigation and sought further information from its provider to gauge the impact on its customers.

The provider informed Bank of Canton on August 10, 2023, that certain personal information of Bank of Canton’s customers was indeed affected by the security event. However, the provider’s own investigation was still ongoing, promising to provide additional details as they emerged.

After careful scrutiny, Bank of Canton concluded on September 22, 2023, that it had sufficient information to accurately identify the individuals affected by the incident. Subsequently, on October 10, 2023, the bank felt confident that it could adequately notify the affected individuals.

The Personal Information at Risk

The compromised data included first and last names, financial account numbers, and Social Security numbers. Notably, this information was stored in an unstructured, technical format that required successful parsing and digestion to be of any use. While reports suggest that the threat actor group responsible for the MOVEit malicious activity often leaks stolen data on the dark web, there is no concrete evidence at this time to indicate that the personal information of the affected residents has been misused.

Notification and Protection

Bank of Canton’s commitment to customer data protection is evident in its swift response to the incident. The bank promptly notified the impacted residents via mail on or around October 20, 2023. In addition, Bank of Canton continues to diligently monitor the accounts of affected customers for any signs of unusual activity.

To further mitigate the impact of this breach, Bank of Canton’s service provider has assured the institution that all technical vulnerabilities have been addressed and the security event has been remediated in accordance with guidance from Progress Software. Notably, the provider is extending a helping hand by offering two years of identity protection services, at no cost, to the customers who were affected, courtesy of Kroll.


The MOVEit vulnerability has had far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the financial industry but also the lives of individuals whose personal information was compromised. The incident serves as a stark reminder that data security must be at the forefront of any organization’s operations. In the face of a breach, a swift and transparent response, such as the one demonstrated by Bank of Canton, is crucial to mitigating the potential harm and rebuilding trust with affected customers.

As technology continues to evolve, the importance of robust data security measures becomes even more critical. Companies and institutions must be vigilant in their efforts to protect the sensitive information entrusted to them by their customers. The MOVEit vulnerability and Bank of Canton’s response should serve as a clarion call for all to ensure that data security remains a top priority in an increasingly digital world.