Data Security Breach at Loren D. Stark Company: Steps Taken to Protect Personal Information

Loren D. Stark Company (LDS), a leading retirement plan consulting firm, has taken immediate action in response to a recent data security incident that affected their organization. The breach, uncovered on October 18, 2022, involved unauthorized access to specific systems within LDS’s network environment, potentially resulting in the acquisition of particular files.

LDS holds the utmost importance on the privacy and security of the personal information they manage. Following the breach, the company launched an extensive investigation in collaboration with cybersecurity experts from third-party firms. This collaborative effort aimed to assess the extent of unauthorized activity and ascertain potential breaches of personal information.

After an exhaustive forensic analysis and thorough manual review of documents, carried out in partnership with cybersecurity professionals, LDS concluded that certain files containing personal information, such as full names and social security numbers, may have been accessed or acquired without authorization. This determination was made on June 16, 2023, marking the conclusion of a comprehensive investigation into the breach.

Despite the potential exposure, LDS has found no evidence of information misuse to date. Nonetheless, the company maintains a proactive security approach and has reached out to affected individuals to apprise them of the incident. As an additional safety measure, LDS is providing access to Equifax Credit Watch Gold, a service designed to monitor credit activity and protect identities.

The company has also offered guidance on further steps to protect personal information. Recipients of the notification are advised to consider placing fraud alerts or security freezes on their credit files. Moreover, they are encouraged to request a complimentary credit report and to remain vigilant by regularly reviewing financial account statements and credit reports.

LDS underscores its unwavering commitment to upholding stringent security measures to prevent future breaches and safeguard the privacy of clients’ personal data. In an age marked by digital vulnerabilities, the company’s swift response and comprehensive communication exemplify their dedication to securing sensitive information and maintaining the trust of their clients.