Privacy Incident Reported at Jefferson Health

Jefferson Health has recently disclosed a privacy incident that has raised concerns regarding the security of patient information. The healthcare institution has taken steps to notify affected individuals through mailed letters.

The incident dates back to June 15, 2023, during a routine maintenance procedure at Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital. It was during this servicing of a DEXA scan machine that the hospital staff discovered a portable backup device was missing from the facility.

After conducting a thorough investigation, Jefferson Health has determined that the missing backup device may have contained protected health information (PHI) potentially accessible by unauthorized parties. The information that could be exposed on the device includes patients’ names, dates of birth, medical record numbers, the date of studies, and, in some instances, mailing addresses. Importantly, more sensitive data such as diagnoses, phone numbers, social security numbers, insurance or driver’s license numbers, and actual scan images were securely protected and inaccessible without the appropriate credentials, system software, and additional technology.

Jefferson Health is taking a proactive approach to address this situation and ensure the protection of affected patients. The institution has initiated the process of notifying individuals whose information was stored on the missing backup device. Patients are being advised to exercise caution with their personal information by monitoring their credit reports regularly and considering contacting any of the three major credit bureaus to request a fraud alert on their credit files.

Moreover, Jefferson Health has established a dedicated call center to assist patients with any inquiries or concerns related to this incident. Patients can reach this call center toll-free at (833) 627-2796.

As the investigation into this privacy incident continues and additional security measures are put in place, Jefferson Health will provide further updates to patients and the public. The organization maintains its dedication to maintaining patient trust and ensuring the security of its healthcare services.

For more information, individuals affected by this incident are encouraged to visit the official Jefferson Health website or contact the dedicated call center for assistance.