Amerita Notifies Patients of Data Security Incident

Amerita, a prominent healthcare provider, has disclosed a data security breach that has raised concerns about the privacy of patient information. On March 14, 2023, Amerita and its parent company, PharMerica, detected suspicious activity on their computer network, leading to an immediate internal investigation and cybersecurity measures to secure their systems.

The investigation revealed unauthorized access by an unknown third party to Amerita’s computer systems from March 12 to March 13, 2023. This breach may have exposed certain personal information of Amerita patients, including names, addresses, and specific patient data such as medical history, diagnoses, medications, and health insurance information. Notably, there is no indication at this time that Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers were compromised.

While Amerita has not received any reports of fraud or identity theft related to this incident, the company is proactively notifying individuals who may have been affected. These notifications include guidance on steps individuals can take to protect themselves, such as monitoring credit reports, account statements, and benefit statements. If any suspicious activity is detected, Amerita advises prompt reporting to the relevant account-holding entity and law enforcement authorities, including local police and state attorney general offices.

Amerita is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the information entrusted to it. The company is taking additional steps, including process and procedure changes, to reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future.

This incident underscores the importance of robust data security practices in the healthcare industry, where patient information is highly sensitive. Amerita is working to uphold the highest standards of data protection to maintain trust within its patient and partner community.

As the situation unfolds, Amerita will continue to provide updates and support to those affected while working to address the aftermath of this data security breach.