National Student Clearinghouse Addresses MOVEit Concerns; Sends Data Breach Letters

In recent developments, the National Student Clearinghouse finds itself in the midst of an investigation concerning a cybersecurity issue related to MOVEit Transfer, one of its third-party software tools. This issue potentially impacts numerous organizations worldwide that utilize MOVEit Transfer for their file transfer needs. The Clearinghouse is actively looking into the matter.

Were You Impacted By The National Student Clearinghouse Data Breach?

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Did you receive notice from National Student Clearinghouse that your information was breached?
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While investigations are underway, it is worth noting that all services provided by the National Student Clearinghouse remain operational. The organization is taking a proactive stance by collaborating with cybersecurity experts and engaging with law enforcement agencies to comprehensively assess the situation.

One of the core concerns arising from this cybersecurity incident is the unauthorized access to certain files transferred through the Clearinghouse’s MOVEit environment, including data maintained on behalf of some customers. In response, the Clearinghouse has taken steps to inform the affected organizations, demonstrating a commitment to transparency.

Importantly, there is no evidence to suggest that the unauthorized access was a targeted attack on the National Student Clearinghouse, its customers, or other organizations that share data through this system. Instead, it seems to be a broader issue affecting users of MOVEit Transfer worldwide.

To safeguard customer data and bolster system security, the Clearinghouse has taken precautionary measures. These include promptly applying relevant security patches and diligently following guidance from authoritative bodies like the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

As an additional security measure, the National Student Clearinghouse has embarked on an effort to rebuild its entire MOVEit environment. This involves installing new versions of operating systems and a clean copy of the latest MOVEit Transfer application. These actions are part of a proactive strategy to ensure the integrity and security of the Clearinghouse’s systems and the data it manages.

In summary, the National Student Clearinghouse is actively addressing the cybersecurity concerns related to MOVEit Transfer in a transparent manner. Investigations are ongoing, and the organization remains committed to providing uninterrupted services while working to resolve the issue.