International Paper Plan Data Breach: 78,692 Members Affected

What You Need to Know

The International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan reported a data breach due to an unauthorized access of a network server, affecting 78,692 individuals with potential exposure of their sensitive personal information.

  • Company Name: International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan
  • Date Filed: November 14, 2023
  • Number of People Affected: 78,692
  • Data Breached: Unspecified

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Affected Customers

The data breach reported by the International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan (IP Plan) has affected 78,692 plan members. These individuals have been notified via data breach letters sent out by the IP Plan.

Compromised Data

The specifics of the data types that were compromised have not been detailed in the IP Plan s recent filing. However, the affected consumers have been promised a list of which personal information was compromised in the data breach notification letters they received.

Summary of the International Paper Company Health Plan Data Breach

Initial Discovery and Notification

On November 14, 2023, the International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan (IP Plan), discovered and publicly announced a data breach. The incident was significant enough that it was reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. This breach indicated that an unauthorized party gained access to sensitive consumer information.

The Nature of the Breach

The exact reason behind the unauthorized access is not yet fully disclosed, but it is known that the data breach occurred due to a “Hacking / IT incident” involving a network server. The IP Plan is used by employees of the International Paper Company, suggesting that the breach likely involved employee information. There is no clarification at this time on whether the breach targeted the IP Plan directly or one of its third-party service providers.

Scope of the Breach

The incident affected a significant number of individuals, with personal information of 78,692 plan members being compromised.

Response by International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan

Upon discovering that sensitive data may have been accessed by an unauthorized individual, the IP Plan started reviewing the compromised files. Their immediate goal was to ascertain what specific information had leaked and who the impacted consumers were.

Informing the Affected Parties

In response to the incident, the IP Plan initiated direct notifications to the breach victims. On the same day as the announcement, November 14, 2023, data breach notification letters began being sent out to the individuals whose information had been affected by the breach. Although the public notice did not detail the types of data exposed, the breach notification letters are expected to provide this important detail to each victim.

About International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan

The International Paper Company Group Health & Welfare Plan is a corporate pension entity established in 1992, serving International Paper Company employees by providing retirement, death, and disability benefits. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, it is a crucial component for the personnel of a company that boasts a workforce exceeding 39,000 people and generating about $21 billion in annual revenue.

As this event unfolds, more information regarding the breach’s implications and origins is anticipated to surface, potentially illuminating how such a breach occurred and what steps will be taken to prevent future incidents.

International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan Overview

Customer Base

The International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan (IP Plan) primarily serves the employees of the International Paper Company. This corporate pension plan was established to provide various benefits to eligible members who are part of the company’s workforce.

Purpose of the Plan

Employees of the International Paper Company use the IP Plan for several significant purposes. Primarily, it’s an essential component of their overall employment package, designed to provide financial security for retirement, as well as in cases of death or disability.

Plan Services

The IP Plan is a comprehensive benefits package that caters to the long-term welfare of the International Paper Company employees. It manages retirement plans that include pensions and other related post-employment financial benefits.

Scope of Benefits

The Plan is known for offering a robust set of benefits tailored to meet the needs of its members. These benefits include retirement income options, as well as death benefits and disability income, ensuring that employees and their families are supported in various circumstances.

Management of the Plan

The executive management team of the International Paper Company is responsible for the overall management of the IP Plan. They oversee the operation and administration of the plan, ensuring that it meets both regulatory requirements and the needs of plan members.

Company Background

International Paper Company, which benefits from the IP Plan, is a global leader in packaging and paper products. The company was founded in 1898 and has since grown to employ over 39,000 people worldwide.

Company’s Financial Footprint

With an impressive $21 billion in annual revenue, International Paper Company has established itself as a major player in the packaging and paper industry. Its financial success reflects the scale at which it operates and its capacity to support the IP Plan.


The International Paper Company Group Health and Welfare Plan is a critical part of the benefits offered to International Paper Company employees, providing essential services to a wide customer base within the organization. With the backing of a well-established and financially robust company, the IP Plan serves as a key component of the financial well-being for its members.