Auto Glass Now Data Breach Exposes Sensitive Info: Key Facts Revealed

What You Need to Know

Auto Glass Now (K&K Glass) experienced a data breach that compromised sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, driver’s license and passport numbers, and addresses, of consumers and job applicants.

  • Company Name: K&K Glass (Auto Glass Now)
  • Date Filed: November 21, 2023
  • Number of People Affected: Unknown
  • Data Breached: Names, Social Security numbers, driver s license numbers, passport numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Information Compromised

In the event of the Auto Glass Now data breach, sensitive customer information was accessed by an unauthorized party. This information includes customer names, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of birth.

Affected Customers

The notice did not explicitly mention the number of individuals affected by the breach. Auto Glass Now began sending data breach notification letters to those whose information was compromised; however, the precise number of affected customers has not been specified.

K&K Glass (Auto Glass Now) Data Breach Details

Discovery and Immediate Response

K&K Glass, now part of Auto Glass Now, experienced a data breach that was initially detected and reported on November 21, 2023. Upon discovery, the company acted by informing law enforcement and engaging third-party data security experts to delve into the breach’s specifics and evaluate its impact.

Breach Notification

As part of their response, Auto Glass Now has begun the process of notifying affected individuals. The data breach notification letters were aimed to alert those whose sensitive information may have been compromised.

Scope of the Breach

The breach resulted in unauthorized access to a range of personal data. This includes names, Social Security numbers, driver’s license and passport numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of birth of consumers, which was contained within the company s IT network.

The Investigation

An in-depth investigation followed the breach’s discovery, confirming that an unauthorized party had indeed accessed parts of the network. This network contained private information relating to employees and those who had applied for jobs with the company.

Identifying the Affected

Identifying affected consumers has been a priority for Auto Glass Now. By reviewing the compromised files, the company is determining what specific information was leaked and who has been impacted by the incident.

Timeframe of the Breach

Though the public notification came in November 2023, the data security incident that led to the breach originally occurred in July 2023. The gap between the incident and its report suggests that the breach was only identified after several months.

Ongoing Developments

Further details on the exact cause and full implications of the Auto Glass Now data breach are still awaited. The company s filing with the Attorney General of Montana has been made public, yet more information is anticipated in due course.

Conclusion of Events

To recapitulate, the Auto Glass Now data breach involved significant unauthorized access to consumer data, leading to the potential exposure of varied and sensitive personal information. The breach was only made public months after the initial incident, triggering an investigation, notification to law enforcement, and the issuance of data breach letters. The company is currently working on assessing the full scope and fallout of the breach.

More Information About Auto Glass Now

Company Profile

Auto Glass Now is an Oakland, California-based automotive repair business that offers a variety of services predominantly related to auto glass. The company specializes in efficiently addressing car window issues, delivering high-quality results to a diverse clientele.

Services Offered

Primarily, customers turn to Auto Glass Now for windshield repair and replacement services. The company is proficient in handling simple repairs such as chipping and cracking, as well as more comprehensive services like rear windshield and side window replacements.

Customer Base

The business caters to individual car owners who require urgent repairs for damaged auto glass. Additionally, it serves people seeking routine maintenance or glass-related enhancements for their vehicles. Its services are utilized by customers who value professional workmanship and timely turnaround.

Operations and Expertise

With a robust team of technicians, Auto Glass Now is reputed for its specialized skills in the auto glass repair niche. The technicians understand the importance of quality and safety in windshield repair, ensuring that customers’ vehicles are road-ready and secure.

Business Scope

Auto Glass Now is not a standalone entity; it is part of the larger Driven Brands family. This umbrella comprises other prominent automotive service companies, thus providing customers with a comprehensive suite of automotive maintenance and repair options.

Driven Brands Connection

Being a component of the Driven Brands network, Auto Glass Now benefits from shared expertise and resources across the group. Driven Brands, known for acquiring and cultivating successful auto service providers, includes established names like Meineke, Maaco, Take5, and Carstar.

Workforce and Revenue

As an employer, Auto Glass Now contributes to the economy with over 309 employees and generates roughly $5 million in annual revenue. By providing job opportunities and contributing to the local economy, the company plays an integral role in the automotive repair industry.

Parent Company Size

Driven Brands, the parent company, boasts a sprawling workforce with more than 11,000 employees. With a significant annual revenue of $2 billion, it is evident that Driven Brands has a far-reaching impact in the automotive service market and that Auto Glass Now is a key player within this successful conglomerate.