HealthEC Data Breach Exposes Sensitive Patient Info: Key Details Revealed

What You Need to Know

HealthEC LLC experienced a data breach where an unauthorized party accessed MD Valuecare customers’ names, dates of birth, medical information, and health insurance information between July 14, 2023, and July 23, 2023.

  • Company Name: HealthEC LLC
  • Date Filed: December 22, 2023
  • Number of People Affected: Unknown
  • Data Breached: Names, dates of birth, medical information, health insurance information

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Affected Customers

The precise number of individuals affected by the HealthEC data breach has not been specified. Notification letters were sent out to those impacted, indicating that their information could have been compromised.

Data Compromised

The unauthorized access resulted in the exposure of sensitive data belonging to MD Valuecare customers. Breached information may include names, dates of birth, medical information, and health insurance information. The specifics of the data compromised vary depending on the individual.

Overview of HealthEC Data Breach

Initial Discovery and Response

HealthEC LLC, a health technology company, identified suspicious activity within their computer network which prompted immediate action. The company responded by notifying federal law enforcement and initiating an investigation with the assistance of cybersecurity experts.

Period of Unauthorized Access

In the course of the investigation, it was revealed that an unauthorized party gained access to HealthEC s network over a period spanning from July 14, 2023, to July 23, 2023. During this time, the intruder was able to access and copy files containing sensitive customer information.

Affected Information

The compromised data pertains to customers of MD Valuecare and involves personal and sensitive details. Possible leaked information may include customers’ names, dates of birth, medical information, and health insurance information.

Notification Process

Following the comprehensive review of the accessed files to determine the scope of the breach, HealthEC commenced sending data breach notification letters on December 22, 2023. These letters were intended to inform affected individuals of the incident and detail the specific personal information of theirs that was compromised.

About HealthEC LLC

HealthEC LLC is located in Edison, New Jersey, and specializes in health technology solutions, including a platform for personalized healthcare management. With over a million users in 18 states, the company plays a significant role in the healthcare sector.

Actions for Affected Individuals

The data breach notifications sent by HealthEC are designed to provide victims with relevant information about the data breach and what specific data related to them has been affected. This is to help those impacted understand the potential risks and take appropriate measures to protect their personal information from misuse.

HealthEC LLC: An Overview

Company Profile

HealthEC LLC is a healthcare technology firm based in Edison, New Jersey. Specializing in software solutions, HealthEC has carved out a niche in the healthcare industry by offering a platform that supports personalized healthcare.

Core Services

The company’s services are centered around a single-platform solution that facilitates patient care management. This solution is engineered to assist in identifying high-risk patients, manage care gaps effectively, and address barriers to optimal care within the healthcare system.

Customer Base

HealthEC’s software is utilized by healthcare professionals across various spectrums of the medical field. With over 1 million healthcare providers using their platform, HealthEC has a broad customer base that relies on their services for efficient patient care management.

Usage in Healthcare

The platform provided by HealthEC is a tool for healthcare entities to streamline patient management. These client organizations use HealthEC’s platform to enhance the quality and personalization of the healthcare services they provide to their patients.

Geographical Reach

With a reach that extends to 18 states, HealthEC’s influence in the healthcare market is widespread. Its technology supports the efforts of healthcare professionals across a significant portion of the United States.

Workforce and Revenue

HealthEC employs an estimated 343 people, indicating a substantial team dedicated to advancing its platform and supporting its customers. The company generates approximately $23 million in annual revenue, which speaks to the scale of its operations and its impact in the healthcare technology sector.

Role in Personalized Healthcare

The HealthEC platform has a definitive role in the healthcare industry, notably in optimizing and personalizing patient care. By identifying patients at high risk and addressing gaps in care, the company aids healthcare providers in delivering more targeted and effective services.

Impact of Technology on Care Delivery

HealthEC’s technological contributions aim to enhance the care delivery process, making it more efficient and patient-centered. Their platform is a critical tool in managing the complexities of modern healthcare and enabling better patient outcomes.


In summary, HealthEC LLC operates within the healthcare technology industry, providing services that aid in the management of patient care. Their platform is a backbone to many healthcare providers in the United States, who rely on HealthEC to support personalized and optimal healthcare delivery. With its substantial workforce and nationwide influence, HealthEC LLC stands as a significant player in the healthcare sector.