Estes Express Lines Addresses Data Breach and Enhances Customer Security

In a recent communication, Estes Express Lines (“Estes”), a prominent freight transportation provider, addressed a significant data breach incident that has raised concerns about customer data security. The company emphasized its commitment to the protection and proper use of personal information, highlighting the seriousness with which it is responding to this incident.

What Happened

On October 1, 2023, Estes discovered that an unauthorized party had breached a part of its IT network, deploying ransomware. Aligning with FBI and financial regulator recommendations, Estes chose not to pay the ransom. Instead, the company immediately activated its incident response team, which included top-tier external forensics, cybersecurity, and recovery experts. Despite these efforts, it was confirmed that the threat actor accessed and extracted some data.

The Impacted Information

While Estes has not observed instances of identity theft or financial losses directly linked to this breach, the incident may have compromised certain personal information. The specifics of the impacted data were not disclosed in the immediate statement.

Measures Taken by Estes

In response to the breach, Estes has implemented several strategic measures:

  • Notifying and cooperating with the FBI.
  • Successfully expelling the unauthorized party from their systems.
  • Conducting a comprehensive forensic investigation.
  • Undertaking actions to remove the malware and strengthen IT security.

Support for Affected Individuals

As a gesture of goodwill and responsibility, Estes has partnered with Kroll, a global leader in risk mitigation, to provide affected customers with complimentary identity monitoring services for 12 months. These services include Credit Monitoring, Web Watcher, Public Persona, Quick Cash Scan, $1 Million Identity Fraud Loss Reimbursement, Fraud Consultation, and Identity Theft Restoration.

Customers are encouraged to enroll in these services by a specified deadline and can find more information on Estes’s and Kroll’s websites.

Proactive Steps for Customers

Estes also advises customers to stay vigilant by reviewing account statements and monitoring their credit reports. They recommend utilizing resources provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for identity theft protection and guidance on placing fraud alerts or security freezes on credit files. In case of suspected identity theft, reporting to law enforcement and notifying state Attorney General and the FTC is crucial.

Estes’s Commitment

Webb Estes, President & COO of Estes Express Lines, expressed sincere apologies for the incident and reassured customers of Estes’s dedication to their security and satisfaction.

Contact Information

Estes has provided detailed contact information for nationwide credit reporting agencies and encourages affected individuals to reach out with any queries regarding the incident and the protective measures being offered.

Final Thoughts

This incident serves as a reminder of the ever-present risks in the digital landscape and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures. Estes’s proactive and transparent response highlights their commitment to customer trust and security, setting a precedent for how companies can effectively handle such sensitive situations.