Senior PsychCare Hit By Data Breach: Key Facts Revealed

What You Need to Know

Over 65,000 individuals were affected by a data breach at Psychological Holdings, PLLC d/b/a Senior PsychCare, involving exposure of sensitive personal and health information, including names, IDs, contact details, financial and medical information.

  • Company Name: Psychological Holdings, PLLC d/b/a Senior PsychCare
  • Date Filed: Unspecified
  • Number of People Affected: Over 65,000
  • Data Breached:
    • Name
    • Drivers license or government ID number
    • Contact information (e.g., phone numbers, email addresses)
    • Financial account information
    • Medical information (e.g., medical record/patient account number, medical diagnosis/treatment information, medical provider names)
    • Health insurance information

Who’s Affected & What Data Was Breached

Affected Customers

The data breach at Senior PsychCare (SPC) impacted sensitive personal identifiable information and protected health information of over 65,000 individuals.

Breached Data

Personal information potentially accessed and acquired includes names, drivers license or government ID numbers, contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses, financial account information, medical information including medical diagnoses, treatment details, medical provider names, and health insurance information.

Overview of the Senior PsychCare Data Breach

The data breach concerning Psychological Holdings, PLLC, which operates under the name Senior PsychCare (SPC), involved unauthorized access to sensitive information. Over 65,000 individuals’ personal identifiable and protected health information was potentially compromised in the incident.

Discovery and Timeline of Events

The issue came to light on November 20, 2023, when SPC became aware of a potential security breach within its systems. Subsequent investigations revealed that an unauthorized entity may have gained access to and possibly acquired sensitive information during the period between December 13 and December 22, 2022.

Notification of Affected Individuals

It wasn’t until January 8, 2024, that SPC began the process of informing the individuals who might have been affected by this security lapse. The communication efforts were to alert these individuals about the breach and the possibility that their information may have been exposed.

Information Potentially Exposed

A variety of personal and health-related data was identified as potentially exposed in this breach. The data includes:

  • Names
  • Drivers license or government ID numbers
  • Contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses
  • Financial account information
  • Medical details, including medical records, diagnoses, treatment information, and provider names
  • Health insurance details

Recommended Measures for Affected Individuals

SPC has recommended several steps for individuals to take if they believe their data was affected. These include:

  • Reviewing their breach notification letters carefully and keeping a copy
  • Enrolling in any free credit monitoring services offered by SPC
  • Changing passwords and security questions associated with their online accounts
  • Regularly monitoring their account statements and credit reports for any sign of unauthorized activity or identity theft
  • Considering placing a temporary fraud alert on their credit file with the credit bureaus


The Senior PsychCare data breach has raised concerns due to the sensitivity of the information that was potentially accessed. With the affected individuals now notified, steps have been recommended to mitigate the risk of financial harm or identity theft as a result of the breach. The full extent of the impact and any legal ramifications for SPC remain to be seen as investigations continue.

Understanding Senior PsychCare: Services and Clientele

Company Overview

Senior PsychCare (SPC), based in Texas, operates as a mental health service provider. Founded in the year 2000, SPC is recognized for its specialized care in geriatric psychiatry. The organization addresses the complex mental health needs of senior citizens by employing a collaborative care model.

Specialized Mental Health Services

SPC offers a range of services tailored for the elderly population. Their offerings include neuropsychological testing to assess cognitive functions and the management of psychotropic medications, which are essential for treating various psychiatric disorders prevalent among seniors.

Behavioral Health and Telemedicine

Beyond medication management, SPC delivers comprehensive behavioral health services. These services are critical for the emotional, social, and psychological well-being of their patients. SPC has also integrated advanced senior-specific telemedicine solutions, enhancing accessibility and convenience for their patients.


The clientele of Senior PsychCare primarily consists of the elderly population requiring psychiatric care and support. SPCs unique care model is specifically designed to cater to the needs of seniors, a group that often faces a distinct set of mental health challenges.

Locations and Workforce

With its headquarters located in Houston, Texas, SPC has further expanded its reach within the state, operating two additional locations. The organization employs over 50 individuals, which includes a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing quality mental health care to seniors.

Commitment to Seniors’ Well-Being

Senior PsychCare commits to advancing the well-being of the senior community through their focused mental health services. Understanding the sensitivity and complexity of geriatric mental health, SPC utilizes a collaborative approach to ensure comprehensive care for their patients.