Refresco Cybersecurity Incident: Urgent Updates and Precautions for Affected Individuals

In a recent announcement, Refresco, a major player in the beverage industry, has revealed a concerning cybersecurity incident that may have impacted the personal information of individuals associated with the company. The breach, originating from a criminal cyberattack on Refresco’s North American business network, was initially identified on May 14, 2023. The company has since taken prompt action to assess the extent of the breach, address the security lapse, and notify those who may be affected.

Did You Receive A Refresco Notice Letter?

Did you receive notice from Refresco that your information was breached?
Do you still have a copy of the notice letter?

On the late evening of May 14, 2023, Refresco detected unauthorized third-party access to segments of its North American network systems. In response, the company swiftly engaged a leading cybersecurity investigation firm and sought legal counsel to conduct a thorough examination. While the majority of the North American network functionality was restored within a week, determining the potential compromise of information required additional time and involved a meticulous manual review of a significant volume of data by an industry-leading external vendor.

Based on the findings from the external review, Refresco believes that the incident may have impacted personally identifiable information (PII) belonging to certain current or former Refresco employees, as well as certain spouses and/or dependents of Refresco employees. Additionally, personal health information provided in connection with workers’ compensation and/or ADA accommodations proceedings may have been exposed.

While there is currently no evidence of the misuse of specific personal information, Refresco is taking precautionary measures to protect the financial security of those potentially affected and to address any concerns they may have. This notification aligns with the company’s commitment to transparency and ensuring that individuals are informed about the incident promptly.

As Refresco continues to navigate the aftermath of this cybersecurity incident, affected individuals are encouraged to stay vigilant and take proactive steps to protect their financial well-being. The company remains dedicated to addressing the situation transparently and providing ongoing updates as necessary. For additional information or assistance, affected individuals may refer to Refresco’s official communication or contact the company directly.

In an era where data breaches pose significant threats, the Refresco incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in safeguarding personal information. It underscores the critical importance of businesses continually enhancing their cybersecurity measures to protect the trust placed in them by consumers. As society becomes increasingly reliant on digital platforms, securing personal information has never been more vital.