Received A Data Breach Letter From Sunflower Bank, Guardian Mortgage, Or First National? Here’s What To Do

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Did You Receive A Sunflower Bank Notice Letter?

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Did you receive notice from Sunflower Bank that your information was breached?
Do you still have a copy of the notice letter?

In a recent development, FirstSun Capital Bancorp, the parent company of Sunflower Bank, Guardian Mortgage, and First National 1870, has reported a data breach incident. This breach has raised concerns about the security of sensitive consumer information across these financial institutions. In this SEO-optimized article, we will delve into the details of the data breaches at Sunflower Bank, Guardian Mortgage, and First National, and provide actionable steps for affected individuals to safeguard their information.

The Sunflower Bank Data Breach and Its Implications

The Sunflower Bank data breach is currently under investigation, but initial information provides some insights. This breach resulted from a vulnerability in the software MOVEit, a tool employed by Sunflower Bank for secure file transfers. Progress Software Corporation, the developer of MOVEit, alerted Sunflower Bank about this vulnerability around May 31, 2023.

Responding promptly, Sunflower Bank collaborated with Progress Software to address the software vulnerability and initiated an internal investigation. This investigation revealed that unauthorized access occurred, potentially exposing personally identifiable information (PII) of consumers.

While the investigation is ongoing, Sunflower Bank disclosed in an official filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that an “unauthorized party likely took advantage of the flaw in the MOVEit software and downloaded copies of files containing PII.”

Guardian Mortgage and First National: Impacted by the Data Breach

It’s important to note that Guardian Mortgage and First National 1870, divisions of Sunflower Bank, were also affected by the data breach. Customers of these divisions may have had their sensitive information compromised. It is crucial for individuals associated with Guardian Mortgage and First National to take appropriate precautions.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

If you have received a data breach notification from Sunflower Bank, Guardian Mortgage, or First National, it is essential to take immediate action to protect yourself from potential fraud or identity theft. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Review the Notification Letter: Carefully read the data breach notification letter sent to you. It should provide specific details about what information of yours may have been compromised.
  2. Monitor Financial Statements: Regularly monitor your bank and credit card statements for any unusual or unauthorized transactions. Report any suspicious activity to your financial institution immediately.
  3. Change Passwords: If you have online accounts associated with Sunflower Bank, Guardian Mortgage, or First National, change your passwords to enhance your online security.
  4. Credit Monitoring: Sunflower Bank may offer credit monitoring services to affected individuals. Consider enrolling in these services to keep a close eye on your credit reports for any unusual activity.
  5. Legal Consultation: If you believe you have been affected by the data breach at Sunflower Bank, Guardian Mortgage, or First National, consult a data breach lawyer who can advise you on your legal rights and potential legal actions.

The data breaches at Sunflower Bank, Guardian Mortgage, and First National underscore the critical importance of data security in the digital age. As investigations continue, it is essential for affected individuals to remain vigilant in protecting their personal information. By following the steps outlined above and staying informed about developments in each case, consumers can take proactive measures to safeguard their data in the aftermath of these data security incidents. For more information about each data breach, continue to monitor updates from reliable sources.