Proliance Surgeons Discloses Cybersecurity Incident Leading to Data Breach

On November 21, 2023, Proliance Surgeons, a leading healthcare practice based in Seattle, Washington, disclosed a data breach that occurred in February 2023. The breach was a result of a cyberattack that compromised the integrity of the company’s computer network, allowing unauthorized access to a wealth of sensitive consumer information. This information encompasses names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, medical treatment details, health insurance information, phone numbers, email addresses, financial account numbers, driver’s license or other identification information, and even usernames and passwords. In response to this breach, Proliance Surgeons promptly filed a notice with the Attorney General of Massachusetts and began notifying affected individuals through data breach notification letters.

Did You Receive A Proliance Surgeons Notice Letter?

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Did you receive notice from Proliance Surgeons that your information was breached?
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Understanding the potential risks and taking proactive measures is crucial for individuals who receive such notifications. Seeking guidance from a data breach lawyer can provide valuable insights into personal protection and legal recourse options.

The cyberattack that led to the data breach resulted in the encryption of segments of Proliance Surgeons’ computer network. Recognizing the severity of the situation, the healthcare practice notified law enforcement and collaborated with third-party cybersecurity specialists to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The findings, disclosed on May 24, 2023, revealed that additional files containing personal information might have been accessed by an unauthorized party around February 11, 2023. However, at this point, Proliance Surgeons had not yet identified the specific individuals affected.

Upon confirming that sensitive consumer data was vulnerable, Proliance Surgeons conducted a thorough review of the compromised files to assess the extent of the breach and identify impacted individuals. The nature of the breached information varied but included names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, medical records, health insurance details, contact information, financial account details, and even login credentials.

In response to the findings, Proliance Surgeons initiated the distribution of data breach notification letters on November 21, 2023, to individuals whose information had been compromised. These letters aim to provide affected parties with a comprehensive list of the specific information that was exposed, offering transparency and assistance in navigating the aftermath of the breach.

Proliance Surgeons, founded in 1973, has become a healthcare powerhouse specializing in orthopedics, otolaryngology, general surgery, ophthalmology, and neurosurgery. Headquartered in Seattle, the practice operates over 100 locations throughout Washington and employs more than 2,797 people, including over 180 board-certified physicians. Committed to patient care, Proliance Surgeons treats more than 800,000 patients annually and generates an estimated $410 million in annual revenue.

This recent data breach underscores the critical importance of cybersecurity in the healthcare sector and highlights the need for increased vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard sensitive information in an increasingly digital age. As individuals affected by the breach navigate its implications, understanding the available legal options and seeking professional advice can be invaluable in mitigating potential risks and protecting against fraud or identity theft.