Longhorn Imaging Center 2023 Data Breach: Safeguarding Your Sensitive Information

On October 25, 2023, South Austin Health Imaging LLC, doing business as Longhorn Imaging Center, reported a concerning data breach to the Attorney General of Texas. This breach had allowed unauthorized access to confidential information held by the company, putting the security of consumers’ sensitive data, including their names, addresses, health information, and insurance details, at risk. In response, Longhorn Imaging Center initiated an investigation, subsequently sending data breach notification letters to affected individuals. If you have received such a notification, it is crucial to grasp the potential risks and how to protect yourself. Consulting a data breach lawyer can offer valuable guidance on safeguarding your identity and pursuing legal action following the Longhorn Imaging Center data breach.

Understanding the Data Breach

The Longhorn Imaging Center data breach is a recent incident with further information anticipated in the near future. Although Longhorn Imaging has not yet provided details of the incident on its website, their report to the Attorney General of Texas offers insight into the breach’s origin. According to this source, Longhorn Imaging recently discovered that information entrusted to the company may have been subject to unauthorized access.

Promptly, Longhorn Imaging initiated an internal investigation, uncovering that an unauthorized party had indeed accessed confidential consumer data. It remains unclear whether this breach was due to a vulnerability within Longhorn Imaging’s systems or if it involved a cyberattack against one of the company’s vendors.

Nevertheless, following the revelation that sensitive consumer data had been accessible to unauthorized individuals, Longhorn Imaging Center meticulously reviewed the compromised files to determine the extent of the breach and identify affected consumers. The compromised information may vary among individuals but generally includes names, addresses, health information, and insurance details. The notice on the Texas Attorney General’s site indicates that over 97,000 people in Texas alone were affected by this breach.

On October 25, 2023, Longhorn Imaging Center commenced the process of sending out data breach notification letters to all individuals affected by this recent data security incident. These letters aim to provide victims with a clear list of the information that was compromised.

More About South Austin Health Imaging LLC dba Longhorn Imaging Center

Founded in 2014, South Austin Health Imaging LLC, operating as Longhorn Imaging Center, is a diagnostic imaging company situated in Austin, Texas. Longhorn Imaging Center operates eight locations in the greater Austin area, including North Austin, Cedar Park, Westlake, South Austin, Onion Creek, Killeen, Bastrop, and Marble Falls. With a dedicated team of over 25 employees, Longhorn Imaging Center generates approximately $5 million in annual revenue.


The Longhorn Imaging Center data breach highlights the ongoing need for stringent data security measures in the digital age. If you have received a data breach notification from Longhorn Imaging Center, it is imperative to take immediate steps to secure your personal information and financial well-being. With the guidance of a data breach lawyer, you can better comprehend your rights and explore available legal avenues following this breach. In the coming days, as Longhorn Imaging Center addresses the situation, staying informed and proactively safeguarding your personal information is of utmost importance.